Visit diary by Ivana Klarić

Hi, my name is  Ivana. I attend 7th grade. I went to Spain. This was my first visit to Spain and  first flight with plane at all. So, all was new for me: new place, new people, new culture, new school, new languages, new way of life. First we went to Budapest. I was enjoying during trip from Osijek to Budapest because I had  took so many photos with Nika. When we came to airport, we went to check in our baggage. Then we went to custum office and I was very excited. When I should pass through those big doors I was so excited and scared in same time. So, after we had done it, I send messages to my father, grandma, mother, sister, aunt and to my host, Jara. Then we started our talk about flight. When we should came to plain I was so so excited. So, the flight started and I was so impressed with beauty of Europe in the night. We were taking so much beautiful photos from the air and so many selfies. When we took off to Alicante, we set in taxi and we started talking about flight and first impressions about Spain. When I came to my host´s house, I met her parents who were so kind and nice. So, this was my first day in Spain. On Sunday, we went to some kind of mountain where we took many beautiful photos with all Erasumus+ students. After we  saw some parts of mountain, we set on grass and started eat our lunch and  taIk about flights, conditions on our trips, languages, how to say some words in other languages, we were singing songs and laughing. I  hang out mostly with girls from Portugal and girls from Spain. After that we went to city center and visited many shops. I thought Murcia is small city but when I saw it I was totally impressed with beauty of this so big and nice city. Cathedral in Murica is so big and nice, Roman Theatre is so special, well I didn´t see inside I saw only outside but it is amazing.   Also, have tried many tipical Spanish dishes and I liked it because they  are little bit different than Croatia´s. When we came home, I was so happy because I had great time on mountain and in the center of Murcia. On Monday, we went to school by school bus and I met so many beautiful pupils in bus. Than we had a school tour and I realize that our and Spanish school are very similar. I was little bit scared because it is really big and there are so many buildings and I thought that I might be lost in all those buildings.  Later  we had presentations about other countries, preparation for International lunch. I liked International lunch because I tried many different dishes and I liked many of them. In afternoon we went to city together.  We had very nice time while we were visiting city. We were talking about International lunch and food that we have tried and our impressions  about Murcia, hosts, families and food.When we came home I was tired and I just prepared things from excursion to Cartagena. Next day, on Tuesday we went to Cartagena by bus. In  the bus we were singing ˝Happy birthday song˝ because one of hosts, Marta, had a birthday. In Cartagena  we visited Regional Parlament, Agua museum and lots of other things. On Wednesday we had our presentation  and European Junior Parliament. European Junior Parliament was so good and intersting  and I learned many things about democracy, ways to rule a country, how politicians work in other countries.  In afternoon we went to shopping center all together and I had a great time with all Erasmus+ students. We were laughting, smiling, singing, shopping and eating together. Our last day in Murica was really nice and emotional. First in school we had a concert for children with special needs in school gym. We represented our country with song˝Mi plešemo˝, later we were dancing on Despacito, Music Brigdes and we danced  Zumba. After that we went to restaurant where we tried paella and I liked it so much. After our lunch we started dancing I was so cool because we all knew lyrics and we realised that we are all listening same music. Time was passing really  quickly and soon it was time to say goodbye. We were all crying because this was end of our beautiful trip to Spain where I have meet so many wonderful people and made some friendships that I hope will last forever. On Friday, we safely came to home first by planes and by car.

Ivana Klarić 7th grade

Elementary school  Višnjevac, Croatia

Adventures in Murcia by Nika Kolesarić

Our adventure started on Saturday in the morning. We went to airport Lizst Ferenc in Budapest where we went to Alicante and then to Murcia. In Murcia we met our host family. Next day we went to Murcia mountain and met pupils from United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Finland, Poland and Spain. That day I learn something new about those countries. On Monday we were in their high school and met their friends. Also we had a internacional lunch where we tried food from other countries. In the afternoon this day we saw a Murcia’s beautiful Cathedral. On Tuesday we went to beautiful and sunny town Cartagena. In Cartagena I saw and learnt something new and interesting about their history. Wednesday was very good because we talk to each other and joking. Also on Wednesday we went to big shopping centre where I buy something for my family. Thurday was the most beautiful day in Murcia. In the morning we went to their school and have prepair for charity concert then we had a Junior European Parlament and our  theme was democracy. After Parlament we have a concert where we sang Croatian funny song. In the afternoon we went to house of one host and have a party, It was a excellent, funny and beautiful party. We finish our adventure early in the morning we went to Alicante then to Barcelona and from Barcelona to Budapest and finally to our homes. I want to say thank you to all pupils and teachers  and their high school.


Nika Kolesarić 7th class

Elementary school Višnjevac, Croatia

Italy by Luka Varga, Croatia


We travelled to Italy. We went by plane and liked it because it was my first time flying by plane. When we came in Messina my host was at the bus station and we went to his flat. I liked him and his family because they were nice to me. Next morning when we woke up we took breakfast at some caffie bar where we ate brioche and granita and we liked it. Then we saw their main cathedral, we climbed up on the clock tower and we saw the whole Messina. They showed to us the rest of the town: their museum, church, statue… Then we went to our host’s home. We had lunch which my host’s mum made and I liked it. Then Marco (my host) and I lied down for a minute or hour and then we went to my friend’s (Iva) host (Silvia) and we had a game night. We played Risik and Cluedo. Next day we woke up early and we went to school. Some students took us through school and we had some activities in IT and art lab and a presentation which I liked. Then we had international lunch. Some countries bring a lot of taste things. After that we went to an old ancient town Taormina. It was fun to see some old towns. We came home late because we had a diner there and we spend some time hanging near the fountain. Next day in school we had a presentation and we had an Europene parliament. And then we visit some museum about culture and music. Next day we also had a presentation and then activities at IT lab. After school we had  free time so went in shopping. We bought some suveniers and then we played Laser tag which I liked very much. We had  dinner in a pizzeria next to the Laser tag. Their pizza’s are the best. Next day was our last day there. We had some activities at IT an art lab. That was fun. Then we had  lunch at a restourant. After that we took a photo of all students and host’s. I was sad when we went home. Marco and his family were so nice to me and so good. We went home by plane which I also liked. That was my trip to Italy that I’ll never forget.


Luka Varga, 7th class

Osnovna škola Višnjevac, Croatia


Italy by Iva Komar, Croatia


 Saturday, October the 7th 2017, this day finally come.

I am very excited and happy. We said goodbye to our parents and started our journey. We were driving through Hungary to get to the airport in Budapest. We are really happy so we were laughing all the time.

When we got to the airport we took our bags and went to the airport control. After some time we got in the plane, very nervous because this was my first flight. We arrived in Messina around midnight. Our host families took us to their homes.

The next day, Sunday my host, Silvia and I went sight-seeing. Messina is really beautiful and i love it.

On Monday we went to school. We had presentations „In their shoes“ and international lunch where we tried meals and products from other countries who are also  included in project.

Then we went to Taormina – a city that had the most beautiful view.

On Tuesday we had „Human Rights Tree“ presentations and after that we had European Junior Parliament session. I really enjoyed that and I think that was really interesting.

We also visited Museo Cultura e Musica dei Peloritani. It was very interesting and I liked it, especially when we heard all their old traditional instruments.

On Wednesday we had some activities in the school. We went home to eat and then went to shopping. I bought a lot of things, most for my family. Later we went to Laser tag.

The Thursday come. The farewell day.

We had some activities in school and then we went to a restaurant where we ate different types of Italian famous meal – pizza. It was delicious.

Then we had to say goodbye. It was very emotional and sad but we were very happy that we met each other.  We exchanged phone numbers so we will stay in contact.

When the moment of departure with my host family arrived, I was really sad. We took a photo together at the bus station. We cried but we were happy we all got the chance to meet each other. We promised to see each other again.

The End,   Iva

Iva Komar, 8th class

Osnovna škola Višnjevac, Croatia

Our adventure by Karla Erdelji, Croatia

Our adventure

Our adventure started in the middle of the night, after a pleasant drive to Budapest from where we took a plane to Warsaw and then to Szczecin. To make things a little bit more interesting, a metal detector made that annoying sound while I was going through airport security. Already a little bit tired, we landed in Szczecin, and the Polish weather welcomed us with a heavy shower. We soon met the families who were going to be our hosts during our stay in Szczecin. My family was great and they did everything for me in order to feel good. The adventure went on when we went to the host school and met all other children from Spain, Italy, Finland, Portugal, Great Britain and Poland. Every day we had all sorts of workshops which helped us learn more about diversities of our countries. We had debates, we wrote a song, we created banners, we had a quiz on the debate and we tried delious food from other countries at European lunch. Every day our activities started at 9 o’clock and we ended around two in the afternoon, which means that we really worked a lot during our stay in Poland. The hosts did their best to organize the rest of the day as well. We went bowling, we played billiards, we visited museums and shopping malls. We had a lunch in a real Polish bar. One of the students organized a great farewell barbecue party in her own garden. I spoke English all the time and it felt so good. My English teacher would surely be proud of me. Days spent in Poland will always stay in my memory as a great experience. I made new friends and I learnt a lot about other cultures and countries. I believe we succeded in presenting our school, town and country in the best possible way.  My host family invited me for another visit. A similar invitation came from my new Spanish friend, too. And finally I must say that I tried the best ice cream in the whole world. It was on the 22nd floor of a building from which the whole Szczecin was lying in front of me. Priceless…


Karla Erdelji, 8th class

Osnovna škola Višnjevac, Croatia

Visiting Szczecin by Helena Andrašek, Croatia

Visiting Szczecin

My visit to Poland was fantastic. I met new people, different cultures and customs, I visited many interesting places… It was an incredible experience that I will always remember.

Our trip started on Saturday, 18 March at 2 a.m.! We drove by car to Budapest and then waited for a plane for Warsaw, where we took another plane for Szczecin. Our new families welcomed us warmly. I spent that afternoon in the pleasant company of my host and a new roommate Gabrijela and her friends. Next day Gabrijela took me for a sightseeing. I had a nice time with her family. We also met all other students who took part in Erasmus Plus project and went bowling. This was the beginning of our friendship.

Monday was the first day at school. We had all sorts of interesting activities there. The thing I liked best was the European lunch. We had a chance to try various specialties from Poland, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Italy, Great Britain and of course, kulen from Croatia. At the end of the day we went trampoline jumping. I found out that it is a very popular sport in Szczecin.

Tuesday: a new morning, a new day in front of us! We wrote the music and the text for our song about migrants and we practised singing it. We visited the underground shelter built during the World War II. There I learnt many interesting facts about world and Polish history.

Wednesday was the day when we became „famous“. We were on Polish TV! The TV crew came to school and made a short story about us while we were making the banner of the project. We used a large surface to write messages to migrant children, in which we wished all of them all the best in their future life and sent the messages of encouragement. We wanted them to know that we think a lot about them.

We had a debate in the European Youth Parliament on the topic „Migrants vs Hosts“. This debate brought us even closer together, although our opinions were not the same all the time.

We also prepared a role play in which every team presented their country. Karla and I presented our Croatia and at the end everybody was dancing our Croatian kolo.

And then came Thursday! Already?! During that day we created posters whose aim was to show all our activites and to remind us of our friendship during the five days. We presented the posters to our teachers and got a big applaus for that.

That evening I had to say goodbye to my new family who gave me a lot of beautiful presents to bring back home. On Friday early in the morning, full of impressions, we started our trip back to Croatia.

I will always remember so many nice things from Szczecin: the shopping malls, candy factory, barbecue, games, sports, fun. All of that brought us together and I know that it is an unforgettable experience.

I believe that this kind of a project is perfect for all the people who are ready to learn something new, who want to meet new friends and who like travelling. I learnt a lot about various cultures, people, customs, I met many new friends, I improved my English and I got a different perspective of some problems. I am very happy and proud to be a part of this project and I think that even more effort, money and attention should be devoted to such projects. They improve our young people, and the young people are our future. It is the future with a lot of new ideas and different opinions. I’m looking forward to staying in touch with my new European friends and I really hope that we will keep visiting each other even when this project comes to its end.

Helena Andrašek, 8th class

Osnovna škola Višnjevac, Croatia


This year our school has been chosen for a partner in two European Union Erasmus Plus projects. The aims of the projects are meeting students and teachers from other countries in EU, exchanging the experiences, improving our knowledge and presenting our country, region, town and school. It was a great pleasure and honour for me that I was chosen to take part in the „EMBRACE“ project. Together with our school pedagogue, the headmaster and my school friend Dora Klaić I travelled to Birmingham, UK.

We started our journey in Višnjevac, and we went by car to Belgrade where we took the plane for Frankfurt, and then for Birmingham. It was the first time I flew by plane. I was fascinated by the beauty of the sky. It was a great experience to land in Frankfurt, the biggest European airport. I don’t think I could ever imagine how big it is, until I saw it myself. In order to catch the flight for Birmingham, we had to take a bus, a train and run a lot. Our excitement grew as we took our seats in the plane for Birmingham. I was thinking about all the people who would meet us there, about children who live there, about so many things I was about to see.

Our hosts welcomed us on the Birmingham airport. My host was a teacher, Regina Darcy, from the Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School, our host school. She teaches cooking. I met her family: her husband John and her sons, Eidin and Kiren. They were so kind and caring. I felt so comfortable in their home. Mrs Darcy’s family hosted two other girls, who also took part in the project: Klaudia Hyzorek from Poland and Sofia Illikainen from Finland. We spent our free time hanging around, exchanging information about our countries, customs, people, teachers, schools… I was proud to find out that everybody knew a lot about our Croatia: about Dubrovnik, our beautiful sea, our famous football players. A student of the host school Sofi Haroon and her brother Sami were keeping me company while going round Birmingham. It is a city of a great history, beautiful buildings, big malls. Birmingham is an industrial city with the population of more than a million. It is the second biggest city in Great Britain. I had especially great time in Quasar Elite entertainment centre. I met a lot of young, relaxed and smiling people fond of dancing and having fun. I was among so many new people, so different, and yet so similar when it comes to fun, playing and hanging around. I realized that under this big sky we are all equal. I felt like a real European and the citizen of the world.

The day spent in Archbishop Ilsley Catholic School, which counts 1400 students, was rich with interesting activities and the kindness of our hosts. I was surprised by the size of the school, by the equipment in the classrooms. The school has a swimming pool and a beautiful large canteen for students. All the students wear the same uniforms, as well as the same PE clothes. I really liked that. I specially enjoyed taking part in baking muffins with teacher Regina, which we made for the project participants.

Our host and the project coordinator Polly Saggu organized one-day-trip to London for all of us. Streets of London are unbelievably crowded. We first visited the Houses of Parliament, the centre of the political life in the UK. The parliament meetings are public and everybody can watch them from the gallery, which we also did. Later on we saw Big Ben, which is the most popular tourist attraction in the city. There were many other great places: Parliament Square, The Cenotaph, 10 Downing Street, Whitehall, Horse Guards Parade, Trafalgar Square, The Mall, Buckingham Palace, Imperial War Museums, Churchill War Rooms and Westminster Abbey. Our tour guide was Karen O’Connor, the teacher from the host school.

It was all so impressive! I was surrounded by famous buildings that we learned about at school.

Our trip was soon at the end. I was a little bit sad because we were leaving, but at the same time impatient because I wanted to share with my friends all my experiences, excitements and unforgettable moments from this trip.

New acquaintances, friends, their way of life and education enriched my life. I wish I could see them once again and give them a big hug. I believe my wish will come true!

Here I would also like to thank all our donors who helped us with their donations and who gave a great contribution to this and other future journeys: Saponia Osijek d.d., Kandit d.o.o., Belje d.d., Velpro centar Osijek, Sygma d.o.o., Školska knjiga, Merkur osiguranje and Grad Osijek (The City of Osijek). All the Croatian products we took with us to Birmingham and gave to the teachers and students of other partner countries presented our country, our region, our town and our school. Thanks a lot!

Marin Rašić, student of class 7a, Primary school Višnjevac

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