Kiimingin Lukio

6079f37347fab4a58de6110038b14c68Our school is an upper secondary school with about 230 students and 22 teachers. We are situated about 20 km away from Oulu, the fifth largest city in Finland.

Academically, our students are heterogeneous. They are 16-18 years old and most of them live within a 20 km radius from our school. Most of our students come from average income families and collectively form a fine cross-section of suburban youth. Lately we have seen an increase in the number of students with multicultural background in our school, a trend that is likely to continue.

As the Finnish upper secondary school curriculum is theoretically oriented, many of our students will study further in polytechnics and universities. All senior high school teachers in Finland have a university education and the very demanding national matriculation exams ensure educational equality throughout the country both in urban and rural schools. Our dedication to all our students is reflected in the fact that our school is one of the best in the North of Finland when it comes to advancing students’ academic skills.

As our national exams will be electronic in the very near future, we are up-to-date with electronic testing as well as with ITC in general, which is something we can share with the other schools in this project. We also have an expertise in effective methods for helping students with dyslexia and other learning difficulties, which we can offer to our partners.

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