My diary in Croatia


After a hard day of travelling since six in the morning, I arrived at Osijek (Croatia), my host Ivana and her dad were waiting for me at the bus station and after taking all the bags we went to their home. I met her mum, her oldest sister and her youngest sister, all of them were so kind and friendly with me. They gave me something for dinner, because they had had dinner before, and then I settled in the room that I shared with Ivana, and we went to sleep.

Ivana and me


The second day we didn´t wake up too early because it was Sunday. Her parents and her sisters had gone to the church but we didn´t want to go, so we decided to go with some friends to see the town. I met there the polish girls, klaudia and Alicia, and the English boy, Thomas, and their hosts, all of them were so nice.


Klaudia , Alicia, thomas and me in the door of the cathedral

All of us in the lake of the town

In the afternoon we went to the centre of the city and we saw some important monuments.


This is the cathedral of the town


We woke up at more or less nine a.m. because we didn´t go to the first class that they got. But then we went to Ivana´s English class. We went with other Erasmus girls, Irene that was my Spanish partner, Elina, that was one of the Finnish girls, and Bárbara, who was from Portugal. After the class the Croatian guys showed us the hole school and then some children gave us a small welcome concert, it was fantastic because we got impressed with the talent that all of them had. After the concert we did the international lunch where we could try all the different dishes from each country.

In the afternoon we went to the shopping centre to do some purchases and spent some time all together.


This day we had to wake up very early, at 6:00 a.m, because we had a trip to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

Irene and I sleeping on the busWe visited the most famous places of the city with a tourist guide, like the catedral and the parliament, we could enter inside of the second one, everything was very interesting.

The Parliament

Then we got free time and we went to have lunch and saw some souvenirs and clothes shops. And then we met with the teachers and come back to Osijek.


This day we were a little bit tired so, after going to school where we presented a few power points and did a worshop with the Red Cross of Osijek. We went home and in the afternoon we went to the bowling alley. Bowling was so funny that we had a really good time. And then we had dinner in an Italian restaurant.

We in the bowling alley


We woke up early to go to an art gallery where we saw a lot of famous paintings that were made by a famous Croatian painter. Then some of us went again to the shopping centre to pass the time, but me and my host went home because we were very tired. After having lunch we prepared for the charity concert in which everyone had to do something. Irene and I did a performance where she played the piano and I danced. And after the concert we had barbecue for dinner and then we did a miny party everyone together. Everyone ended crying because it was so sad that that was the last day.


It was a fantastic experience that I won’t ever forget, I met a lot of fantastic new people and new cultures.