Visit diary by Ivana Klarić

Hi, my name is  Ivana. I attend 7th grade. I went to Spain. This was my first visit to Spain and  first flight with plane at all. So, all was new for me: new place, new people, new culture, new school, new languages, new way of life. First we went to Budapest. I was enjoying during trip from Osijek to Budapest because I had  took so many photos with Nika. When we came to airport, we went to check in our baggage. Then we went to custum office and I was very excited. When I should pass through those big doors I was so excited and scared in same time. So, after we had done it, I send messages to my father, grandma, mother, sister, aunt and to my host, Jara. Then we started our talk about flight. When we should came to plain I was so so excited. So, the flight started and I was so impressed with beauty of Europe in the night. We were taking so much beautiful photos from the air and so many selfies. When we took off to Alicante, we set in taxi and we started talking about flight and first impressions about Spain. When I came to my host´s house, I met her parents who were so kind and nice. So, this was my first day in Spain. On Sunday, we went to some kind of mountain where we took many beautiful photos with all Erasumus+ students. After we  saw some parts of mountain, we set on grass and started eat our lunch and  taIk about flights, conditions on our trips, languages, how to say some words in other languages, we were singing songs and laughing. I  hang out mostly with girls from Portugal and girls from Spain. After that we went to city center and visited many shops. I thought Murcia is small city but when I saw it I was totally impressed with beauty of this so big and nice city. Cathedral in Murica is so big and nice, Roman Theatre is so special, well I didn´t see inside I saw only outside but it is amazing.   Also, have tried many tipical Spanish dishes and I liked it because they  are little bit different than Croatia´s. When we came home, I was so happy because I had great time on mountain and in the center of Murcia. On Monday, we went to school by school bus and I met so many beautiful pupils in bus. Than we had a school tour and I realize that our and Spanish school are very similar. I was little bit scared because it is really big and there are so many buildings and I thought that I might be lost in all those buildings.  Later  we had presentations about other countries, preparation for International lunch. I liked International lunch because I tried many different dishes and I liked many of them. In afternoon we went to city together.  We had very nice time while we were visiting city. We were talking about International lunch and food that we have tried and our impressions  about Murcia, hosts, families and food.When we came home I was tired and I just prepared things from excursion to Cartagena. Next day, on Tuesday we went to Cartagena by bus. In  the bus we were singing ˝Happy birthday song˝ because one of hosts, Marta, had a birthday. In Cartagena  we visited Regional Parlament, Agua museum and lots of other things. On Wednesday we had our presentation  and European Junior Parliament. European Junior Parliament was so good and intersting  and I learned many things about democracy, ways to rule a country, how politicians work in other countries.  In afternoon we went to shopping center all together and I had a great time with all Erasmus+ students. We were laughting, smiling, singing, shopping and eating together. Our last day in Murica was really nice and emotional. First in school we had a concert for children with special needs in school gym. We represented our country with song˝Mi plešemo˝, later we were dancing on Despacito, Music Brigdes and we danced  Zumba. After that we went to restaurant where we tried paella and I liked it so much. After our lunch we started dancing I was so cool because we all knew lyrics and we realised that we are all listening same music. Time was passing really  quickly and soon it was time to say goodbye. We were all crying because this was end of our beautiful trip to Spain where I have meet so many wonderful people and made some friendships that I hope will last forever. On Friday, we safely came to home first by planes and by car.

Ivana Klarić 7th grade

Elementary school  Višnjevac, Croatia