My experience during the Erasmus project by Sofi Haroon

I took part in the EMBRACE / Erasmus project this year and honestly, it was one of the best things I have ever done.

When I first heard of it, I didn’t think it was going to be interesting but I took the chance and told Miss Saggu I wanted to help out. When I got the profile of my buddy, Marin, I was kind of scared that he wouldn’t like me.  However, when I met him he was very polite and we went to walk around the city centre.  He said he had thoroughly enjoyed the day and I was very pleased that he was really nice; it was a fantastic opportunity to bond a little and to get to know each other.


When we went into school on the Monday, we got to know all the other visitors as well as the people we already knew. This was great because I hadn’t really talked to anyone older than me before at school.   I got to know people older than me, including 6th formers. Initially, whilst we were in the library, we all did some ice-breaker activities to learn more about each other  – such as their favourite colour, their hobbies (even though Callum didn’t have any!) and about their family. We took the guests on a tour around the school and they told us how different our school was for them, as they don’t have a swimming pool, a pupil parliament  WP_20161107_10_22_27_Proor some of the other facilities we enjoy.   After school, we went to the laser quest and that definitely helped us to become closer as a group. It was such a good experience as it involved us doing teamwork.

We had the opportunity to go London on the Tuesday – something I was looking forward to very much.

On Tuesday, we went to London and it was absolutely amazing! We had a tour of the Houses of Parliament and it was quite an exciting experience as we got to watch a live debate in the House of Commons.


We had a walking tour of a little bit of London from Miss O’Connor and I learned so many things, it was great.  We had lunch and it was honestly probably one of the best parts of the day!

When we were on our way back to Birmingham, we stopped at a service station and I was surprised that it had so many shops!

We finally arrived back in Birmingham and I was exhausted but I enjoyed the day and I’ll always keep memories of it.    Fortunately, I did take a lot of pictures. The coach ride was the best part of the Erasmus project for me and we all had laughs, giggles and fun.


We were very lucky that Jack had brought his speaker as we could all listen to music -however Callum had been complaining that he couldn’t hear the music for most of the time!

I would definitely recommend the Erasmus project to anyone who has the chance to host/buddy as you can learn a lot of things from doing it. Also it gives you a chance to speak to people you have never spoken to before.